This is a password protected website where trade unionists in the meat industry should be able to share information and experiences without worrying that they might be helping anti-union mangers or consultants. However, nothing on the internet is 100% secure and you should exercise normal caution when dealing with confidential information.

Personal data

EFFAT will endeavor to safeguard any personal data you provide and promises to process this data fairly and lawfully in accordance with data protection laws. The networking aspects of this site make it important that members share contact details and that these details are stored on a central database. However, you can be confident that we will not share your details with any other organizations. If you do not want us to keep your details or wish to delete your account from this web site just contact to let us know.


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External Content

From time to time we may embed content from external websites on our web site. This is most likely to be videos from YouTube. These services may collect statistics and information on your use of the embedded content.