Meeting of the EFFAT Meat Coordinating Committee 9 October 2014

The EFFAT meat coordinating committee met on Thursday 9 October 2014 in Brussels to discuss the rights of migrant workers who work for employment agencies in the meat sector. The committee is developing a common leaflet for migrant workers about their general rights at work and how to contact the unions. The committee also considered the threat of the trade and investment agreement EU-US known as Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The IUF has released a report on TTIP entitled the “Trade Deals That Threaten Democracy” available to download at: and Check out the appendix on page 19 of the report on “Foodworkers, “Regulatory coherence” and downward harmonization of food standards – the example of meat”.  The committee also addressed the increasing number of “working poor”, families living on the breadline and agreed to campaign on demanding a living wage to give ordinary working people dignity.